For those for you of a 'certain age', some will remember the Village during the Second World War and the massing of troops & equipment prior to D Day, within the village. There are many pictures and records for us all to see now, but they spread over in many different places, so access is often limited.

Hence the idea of a 'Heritage Centre' in Rowlands Castle village, Alan Drink-water, our RCA President outlined details in the RCA magazine.

Your comments, suggestions and dare one ask 'donations' all gladly accepted.

There is such rich history for our village and the surrounding area, all of which can celebrate together, in one place.

Then of course there is the 'iconic' Model Railway, built by Peter Goss, who despite living up near York, decided to build & replicate a snapshot of the Railway & the Green pre D Day.

I was very fortunate in paying Peter & his wife a visit in February, whilst up their way on business. They made me most welcome and had set up part of the model in his workshop, for me to see. I must say the detailing of the models, figures, trucks, vans, and the 'countryside' is fantastic! There is a larger collection of rolling stock, some of the passenger carriages have soldiers hanging out of the windows, waving to those on the green as they pass by.

Please Google; 'YouTube/rowlands castle model railway, peter goss'. There is a 5 minute video of all the rolling stock running round the track, close ups of the houses, the Green, figures equipment, quite stunning to behold. This is a Prize Winning Model, well known literally around the World by model enthusiasts and those of us who at a 'younger' age had much more modest models at home!

This 'iconic' model needs a new 'home', where better than it's spiritual home in Rowlands Castle, please help us secure it, it will give us and future residents and visitors hours of pleasure old & young alike. Please do what you can. Contact Alan Eyers, Vice President RCA on 02392 412443

Alan Eyers Vice-President Rowlands Castle Assocation
Posted on Wed, 24/08/2016 - 14:40