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Friday, 18th Jun 2021

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Prison Me? No way!

The Hayling College Students put through the system

Hayling College Students in Prison

The staff from ‘Prison Me? No Way!’ returned to us for the fourth year. Once again the day was an outstanding success, thoroughly engaging the Year 9s involved and giving much to think about. It was interesting that some of the Year 11s who had taken part in the day two years ago still recalled some of the key messages and activities and spoke of the day’s power. The feedback from pupils showed just how affected they were by the various activities and visitors as you can see

Domestic Abuse Education session – “I learned how controlling people can be, even how discreet people are about it,” “that it happens every 6 seconds and how sad it is.”

Ex- Prisoner – “Anthony learned to take education seriously and that it is very important,” “inspired me to try hard at school and make the right choices.”

Drug awareness session – “Made me NEVER EVER want to take drugs.”

Street scene scenario – “Told me what anti-social behaviour meant,” “We learned to avoid situations involving anti-social behaviour”

“That prison is nothing like the films”

“I told my parents about the day and how inspirational it was.”

“The deterrent for prison was the underlying message.”

I certainly hope that we can host such an event next year as it’s in undeniably an inspirational day.

Students in Prison Cell

Posted on Wed, December 16 2015