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Tuesday, 19th Jan 2021

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Portsdown & Horndean Light Railway

Email received from Ian Page:

Interesting picture on page 12 in the July/August edition of PO9 & PO10, it shows Portsdown & Hordean Light Railway (PHLR) Tram number 17 loading at Portsmouth Guildhall on route to Waterlooville/Horndean. Readers may be interested in the history of this vehicle.

Built in 1905 by Brush, it originally ran in Gosport as car 10 transferring to PHLR in 1930 after the Gosport system closed; it was then renumbered 17. It was the only car to have the additional window pillars fitted, and pictures of it are extremely rare. Car 17 lasted until the end of the system in January 1935.

Finally, readers may not be aware that two PHLR trams survive. The body of car 5 survives at the Tilford Rural Life Centre Museum where it is used as a shelter. Car 13 is in the care of CPPTD where it is being restored to its 1903 built condition.


Posted on Tue, August 18 2015