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Monday, 14th Jun 2021

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A New Look at Denmead Community Centre

August is normally a quiet month at Denmead Community Centre, but this year there was a great deal of banging and hammering and skips have been filled and taken away! A long process followed involving site inspections, the removal of the tree whose roots were causing the problem – and a great deal of paperwork for Bob Bainbridge, the centre’s manager. The original tired mahogany parquet flooring was removed, together with the floorboards and floor joists.

The children and teachers who occupied the Old School - in what is today Denmead Community Centre - between 1874 and 1977 would barely recognise it. The children left some evidence of their presence, however: when the old floor was taken away, the workers found rulers, marbles and thimbles, probably ‘lost’ during the girls’ sewing lessons – and a horse’s tooth! From September the hall again became the home to various dance classes, health and fitness groups, band practice – and the monthly Film Night – and we will be glad to see you all again. See the website for details:

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Posted on Wed, October 28 2015