Havant adopts Hampshire Farm Meadows

A much-loved beauty spot in Havant will now be maintained by the borough council.

Hampshire Farm Meadows is a 42 acre open public space which is used by many members of the public for a plethora of purposes.

Management of the land has formally been transferred to Havant Borough Council and their partner organisation, Norse South East, will now undertake all further maintenance.

Plans are in place for ensuring that the land continues to be accessible to all.

Mowing of open spaces and informal routes through the meadow has already started, alongside patrols to enforce against dog fouling and littering.

The broader areas of meadow grass will be cut at the appropriate time late next summer.

Hampshire Farm Meadows was created from the Redlands Grange development and the roundabout at the entrance to Redlands Lane will be seeded with annual wildflowers in early spring.

Helping to monitor the meadows will be the newly formed Friends of Hampshire Farm Meadows.

Anyone who is interested in helping can get in contact by email at hfmfriends@gmail.com

Posted on Wed, 22/02/2017 - 16:16