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Friday, 18th Jun 2021

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A Dodge Viper is a rare species on British roads. A 500bhp 6.8litre V10 sportscar imported from Miami can now be seen touring Emsworth.

Bernie Morgan searched the internet to find the car, and made plans to fly to America to view it.

Falling for its looks and driving pleasure, Bernie bought the car from a specialist Miami car dealer, and then arranged for the car to be imported to the UK.

Meeting the car at Southampton docks it took several weeks for registration as compliant with UK requirements, before driving to its new home in Emsworth.

Bernie is pleased as Punch to own such a rare machine - being number 116 of the 120 limited edition made in 2006, and plans to take it to local car shows.

Keep your eye out for it and Bernie will be pleased to tell you more about its short history.

Posted on Wed, October 28 2015