Bringing Emsworth to Emsworth

Residents of the town of Emsworth (near Pittsburgh) Pennsylvania, USA have been learning about the attractions of Emsworth, Hampshire. Cathy Jones who is the Borough Secretary of Emsworth, USA contacted Postcode beer writer and Emsworth resident David Harris and asked if he could write something about his town for inclusion in the 2016 Emsworth Borough Municipal Map and Directory. David wrote an article and took some photographs which now appear in this foldout map and directory which has been sent to all 2443 residents of the small town which sits on the Ohio River.

David told Postcode, “I believe that many towns in the USA are named after places in England. The local authority in Emsworth, USA seemed unsure as to how their town got its name but I am convinced that someone from this area must have named it after the Hampshire town. I am hoping that some Emsworth, USA residents might become interested in learning more about our Emsworth and come over and visit England. I have included information in my article about our wonderful pubs and restaurants together with links to various local tourism websites”.

You can learn more about Emsworth, USA by going to their website:

David Harris
Posted on Wed, 22/06/2016 - 11:59