"Weight loss surgery gives you the enduring control needed to get the weight off - and keep it off."

Spire PortsmouthMost dieters’ perception of weight loss surgery is as a “final resort”, most commonly after battling with their weight and a series of evermore extreme diets for years. For an increasing number of people who have reached this stage however, weight loss surgery can be the first step leading to a healthier, happier life.

For many, short-term weight loss success is achieved only to find the scales creeping up again disappointingly after a few months. A recurring problem, coined ‘yo yo dieting’ by experts will eventually leave dieters burnt out as they are unable to break the cycle of weight loss and gain.

“Yo-yo diets leave your body exhausted and decrease the effectiveness of any form of dieting thereafter”, explains Spire Portsmouth Hospital Bariatric Consultant, Mr Nick Carter pictured below.

Mr. Nick Carter - Spire Portsmouth Hospital Bariatric ConsultantDiets can typically be effective in achieving weight loss of up to 10% of body weight. For those who need further help, one of the options to consider is a gastric band.

Having a gastric band fitted is now a well-established procedure and over one million people have been fitted with bands over the past 20 years. The procedure aims to make you feel fuller after eating a small portion and restricting the amount of food you eat. Smaller meals eaten more slowly will satisfy you sooner and weight is gradually lost.

Weight loss surgery is actually an established surgery with only one or two nights hospital stay. A simple, non-invasive adjustment procedure makes the band a flexible long-term weight loss tool, adaptable to the wearer’s lifestyle and changing needs.

The benefits of losing weight are not simply cosmetic but stretch far beyond. Weight gain can lead to back and hip pain, an increased risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol and depression.

Weight loss surgery can pave the way to a healthier and happier overall lifestyle; anti depressant medications and statins may no longer be needed and insulin levels can return to normal as weight decreases.

The benefits can extend to the whole friends and family circle as the halo effect of losing weight can motivate others to change their own eating habits.

Mr Carter tells us of his experience: “Weight loss surgery gives you the enduring control needed to get the weight off and keep it off. Seeing my patients in clinic a year or two down the line with a happy, new take on life is absolutely incredible.”

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Posted on Wed, 24/08/2016 - 16:05