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Tuesday, 22nd Jun 2021

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Stronger, More Flexible, Pain-Free Readers

… tips and exercises from our Award Winning Physio

My name is Natalie March from Physio-logical, a chartered physiotherapist based within Active4Less in PO9. I hope you found our last self help exercises about strengthening for runners useful.

Today we will be offering some advice, exercises and stretches which are good for those suffering with neck pain. Here is a testimonial from one of our clients with neck pain;

“I have been treated by Physio-logical for neck and lower back problems on two separate occasions. They are thorough in their analysis of the problem and hands on with their treatments which means you get onto a recovery track quickly. They are great physiotherapists, and I won’t go anywhere else.” Mr H, October 2015

Almost 31 million days of work were lost last year due to back, neck and muscle problems, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). People suffering from neck pain are those with sedentary desk based jobs, poor work postures and who do repetitive work.

Neck pain can just come on for no reason and recovery is difficult to predict. The main problems people suffer from are mechanical neck pain, WAD (whiplash-associated disorder) or cervical spondylosis (neck pain due age related to wear and tear to bones). Some also suffer from headaches (cervico-genic headaches) due to their neck pain.

Hands on physiotherapy treatments including; massage, mobilisation, manipulation, myofascial release, neural release, combined with stretching and exercises is an effective treatment for neck pain. Also acupuncture is very good to release the tight muscles associated with neck pain, and is especially good for those suffering from headaches too.

Please be aware of your body and take advice from your GP before exercising if you have any neck pain/headaches or send me an email (

Neck Exercises

Neck FlexionNeck Flexion

  • Bend your head forward until your chin touches your chest and your eyes look straight down at the floor.
  • Repeat ten times, three times a day




Neck ExtensionNeck Extension

  • Keeping your chin tucked in look up towards the ceiling
  • Repeat ten times, three times a day



Neck RotationNeck Rotation

  • Rotate your head to one side until you can’t turn it any further. Bring your head back to the centre point, rest a moment, then turn your head to the opposite side.
  • Repeat ten times, three times a day





Neck Side FlexionNeck Side Flexion

  • Tilt your head side to side
  • Repeat ten times, three times a day



Neck RetractionNeck Retraction

  • Sit up tall
  • Keeping your eyes looking forwards
  • Tuck your chin to your chest (make a double chin)
  • Hold 10 seconds, repeat ten times, three times a day
Posted on Wed, February 17 2016