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My name is Natalie March from Physio-logical, a chartered physiotherapist in PO9.

We hope you are keeping well during these unprecedented times.

We hope you found our exercises to improve strength and movement if you have Hip Osteoarthritis (OA hip or wear and tear of your hip joint) in our last article useful.

Currently, we are offering a video or telephone consultation service to all new and existing patients. The feedback has been great so far ‘it is like the physio is in the room with me’. So, if you are suffering with any niggle, ache or pain that is keeping you awake at night, limiting what you can get done around your house or in your garden then please book a call with us, we can help you today.

In this article we will be offering some advice and exercises you can do to stay active at home.

Did you know: “starting at 30 years old, our muscles lose 8% of strength every decade, so by the age of 80 years old there is potential to lose up to 40% of our muscle strength?” (CSP - Chartered Society of Physiotherapists). The only thing to keep our muscles strong is exercise. It is the only thing we can do to reduce the risk of falls too.

Here is a testimonial from one of our patients:

I had a severe back and hip issue that prevented me from walking and at one point I was in a wheelchair as the symptoms were so severe. Thankfully, I visited Natalie at Physio-logical and after just 2 treatments was up and about and walking – I cannot recommend Natalie enough and would absolutely recommend her. Thanks Natalie, Mrs. D

By improving balance and strength, Physiotherapy can help increase the individual’s confidence encouraging them to move around more independently.

We are happy to talk with you, family members, daughters, sons, care homes, carers so please so get in touch.

Below are some self help exercises to keep you mobile, improve your balance, and strength to reduce muscle wasting and the risk of falling.

Please be aware of your body and take advice from a health care professional before exercising or send an email to ( for advice and guidance.

Exercises to keep you strong, mobile, improve your balance and reduce the risk of falls

1.Heel Raises:

  • Stand and balance on both feet. ( you can use a chair for stability)
  • Rise up on your toes, hold for three seconds and then lower yourself down.
  • Repeat ten times every day

2.Toe raise

  • Stand and balance on both feet. ( you can use a chair for stability)
  • Rock back onto your heels so that your toes come off the ground.
  • Hold this position for three seconds
  • Repeat ten times every day

3.Single Leg Balance

  • Stand with or without any support from a chair and attempt to balance on one leg.
  • Hold the single leg position for ten seconds.
  • Repeat ten times every day.

4.Heel to Toe Walking

  • Stand next to a side board
  • Place one hand on the side board
  • Walk with one foot in front of the other so your feet are in a line
  • Do ten steps
  • Turn around and repeat the ten steps in the other direction.


5.Sit to Stand

  • Cross your arms
  • Sit to stand and repeat
  • If you need too you can  place your hands on the chair for extra support
  • Repeat ten times every day.

6.Wall Push Up

  • Place your hands shoulder width apart on the wall
  • Have your feet back from the wall
  • Slowly lower your body towards the wall then push back up by straightening your arms
  • To progress move your feet further away from the wall
  • Repeat ten times a day, every other day to fatigue.

If you would like us to write an article or film a video about a specific condition/ complaint then please do let us know.  For more tips and guidance please visit:

Posted on Thu, 23/04/2020 - 11:12