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Sunday, 17th Jan 2021

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Stronger, More Flexible, Pain-Free Readers

… tips and exercises from our Award Winning Physio

My name is Natalie March from Physio-logical, a chartered physiotherapist in PO9. I hope you are enjoying the nice weather at the moment.

We have had some lovely testimonials from our clients recently, so thank you. Here are a few examples;

“I have been suffering with sciatica for a couple of weeks before seeing physio-logical. I have been impressed with the advice and treatment which I have been receiving. I now understand what has happened and what I need to do to stop it from coming back. Would recommend them to anyone” (Derrick, July 2015)

“After my total knee replacement; 2 years of home therapy and swimming plus 2 different physio's I finally made an appointment to see Natalie for treatment. She was very kind understanding. She massaged and mobilisaed my knee and it was slightly sore but after 3 weeks I rode my keep fit bike first time since surgery over 2 years. I am over the moon and recommend this wonderful lady, thanks, one very happy client” (Stephanie, July 2015)

I hope you found the last exercises for golfers elbow useful. More and more people are taking part in exercise and physical activity so I have included some “leg stretches” which are so important to prevent injury.

A lot of people forget the importance of stretching after walking, gardening, running or any physical activity. To reduce the risk of injury, stretching is a must after exercise.

Please be aware of your body and take advice from your GP before exercising if you have any aches or pains or send me an email ( for advice and guidance.

We have recently added some more exercise sheets onto our website please visit for more tips and guidance.


  • Hold each stretch for 30 seconds
  • Do not bounce
  • Repeat once on each side

Gastrocnemius (Calf)Gastrocnemius (Calf)

  • Both toes pointing forwards, bend front knee, keep back leg straight and back heel down.
  • You should feel the stretch in lower back of leg, below the knee.





  • Front leg straight and foot flat, sit back into back leg (bend knee). Second part of the stretch lift your front leg toes off the floor still keeping the heel down.
  • You should feel the stretch in the back of the thigh, upper leg





Soleus (Deeper Calf)

  • Both toes pointing forwards, bend both knees, keep heels on the floor. Take most of your weight in back leg.
  • You should feel the stretch in lower back of leg, just above the ankle.







  • Lift heel to bottom, hold onto your foot with your hand, keep knees together and hips level.
  • You should feel the stretch in the front of the thigh.
Posted on Tue, August 18 2015