Health and fitness in 2020


We all had to rethink a bit during lock down and beyond – I guess it’s about thinking outside the box to make life work for you. During this time, I wasn’t always at my clinics, as I have been for the last fifteen years, so I wanted to make use of the spare time I found myself with. Having been inspired by so many people and various health products over the years, I decided to create my own health products – basically they are a bunch of organic and natural (nothing added) super food blends called the ‘s’ range!

They consist of: Super, Shield, Sweet, Skin, Slim and Sleep. I am so excited about them. The reason I started to create them was to make my clients lives easier and to make sure that the right nutrients were available for everyone in an easy to manage format. This is so important on anyone’s journey to great health and sustainable energy! One of my favourite blends for the winter season is called ‘shield’. With the world the way it is right now, and all the stress, anxiety and fear, I wanted to offer an immune protection that anyone can implement into their daily routine in just one easy scoop. What’s so special about this blend is the combination of ingredients, such as ashwagandha, maca, cacao, ginger and cinnamon. Plus, I have included two types of mushroom powders – Reishi and Chaga, which can have an amazing impact on general health and well-being, plus these powders have profound effects on our immune systems.

So, the question is…why is mushroom powder so good for us?

  1. Mushrooms contain the sunshine vitamin D – which we need for calcium absorption, healthy bones and teeth, and for feeling good. It helps protect us from conditions such as diabetes and multiple sclerosis and is one of those vitamins that so many of us are deficient in. We absorb it through the skin from sunlight, and because daylight hours are more limited now - we need extra help! Mushrooms provide one of the only plant based sources of vitamin D which makes them so valuable for all of us and it’s easy to absorb!
  2. They are chocked-full of B-vitamins - such as B2, B3, B6 and B12 – all of which help to make us feel energized and fabulous! They are essential for converting food into fuel and help to keep the digestive system healthy.
  3. Mushrooms are also an Olympic athlete's perfect ally - back in 1993, the Russian field and track team stole the show with their record-breaking performance at the Olympic world games. In fact, they were such clear winners that they were faced with doping allegations and had to undergo drug tests. The results came back in the all clear. The coach, Mr. Ma Ju Ren, put their performance partly down to an all-natural cordyceps concoction that they took daily. How amazing is that!

Basically, in order to protect our immune systems, we must do the basic fundamental things: Sleep well, eat good whole foods, exercise in the fresh air, drink plenty of water and spend time away from our devices such as laptops and phones for some time during the day and evening! Technology is a wonderful thing, but it’s important to take a break and get our in the daylight! we also need to be kind to ourselves and do things that make us happy! Hugging and kissing for example gives you a rush of endorphins that can remove stress from our bodies – so I guess we know what we will be doing tonight! And please do not be hard on yourself either – tomorrow is always another day to improve, focus and make new changes to help you grow! Avoid junk food, drink plenty of water and love what you do every day! if you don’t – change it! Life is short and we need to live the life that we really want!

You can treat the super-foods blends as an added bonus to your daily routine – a bit like life insurance! Check them out at to see all the blends.

Which one will you choose?

Denise Kelly
Posted on Wed, 18/11/2020 - 12:29