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Moving out of the dark winter months is such a delight! I love the lighter evenings and the thought of warmer days! But with this prospect some of us will begin to start suffering with allergies. If you know you have hay fever and want to try and nip things in the bud before they begin, the best thing you can do is try and boost your immune system and hydrate with ant-inflammatory and alkalising foods and liquids! Hydration is so simple, but such a fundamental part of any type of allergy. Sipping on detox teas such as nettle, dandelion and milk thistle really helps as it supports the liver and helps the body to cleanse. Adding lime, fresh mint and cucumber to a pint of water and sipping throughout the day is also highly effective. Also adding immune boosting superfoods to your daily regime can make a world of difference. My top 2 are amongst my staple favourites and can always be relied upon as your natural multi-vits and minerals. You can mix them into your morning juice or green smoothie and feel the zing from them within a few days!

  1. Chlorella – This sexy green superfood packs such a mineral and iron boosting punch that will make you wonder how you ever lived without it! Not only does it drench your body in alkalising goodness, it feeds it with essential minerals and vitamins in a way that’s easily digestible. And it is good for the gut too, which will help to further boost your immune system. This superfood adds good protection for you, plus also helps to transport toxins out the body! Double whammy!!  (Take up to two teaspoons daily)
  2. Bee pollen – Such a wonderful array of amino acids and multi vitamins. This is natures very own vitamin pill, full of enzymes that will spark your immune system into full steam ahead mode! Bee pollen works at reducing inflammation and helps the body deal with stress, because it’s so full of natural goodness. Take with caution if it’s your first time as its very rich in digestive enzymes, if you take too much in the beginning you may get a slight tummy ache. Start with quarter of a teaspoon and build up to 3 teaspoons daily over the course of two weeks. Long term your body will lap this up and help combat any allergy symptoms before they begin. Taking them regularly is key to good health, so start as you mean to go on!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to know exactly what’s going on inside your body? Maybe you have had issues that have been going on for a while and are causing you worry or discomfort? Health problems are far easier to resolve when you know what you are dealing with, and without guess work, just straight to the issue and supporting the body with exactly what it needs. All you need to do is contact me and I will send your sample kits straight to your house. Send it back and within a few days you will have your results!

Qest4 Surrogate testing now available (long distance sample testing)

Pet test: £99.00

Human Test: £140.00

Health results and diet plan back to you within five working days.

One to one Clinical consultation - £250.00 (Clinics: Chichester, Petersfield, London).

You can obtain these superfoods from most good health shops or from my website. Please Visit: for more information on products and health testing.

Posted on Thu, 20/02/2020 - 14:13