5 ways 5 days package

5 days 5 days packageLook One: This look is perfect for festival season. The messy top knot pulls hair away out of your face but leaves the back section down (enough hair to swing around when your favourite band is playing).

Simply section from ear to ear, across the top of the head just in front of your crown and secure the front section with a hair band on top of your head, then backcomb and smooth round into messy bun and secure.

Summer wave the back section using ghd platinum stylers. FESTIVAL ESSENTIAL! Don't forget your dry shampoo!!

5 days 5 days packageLook Two: Perfect for that special occasion, this style is simple yet elegant.

Section hair behind the right ear and split into two pieces. Simply begin twisting the two pieces around each other adding hair as you continue around the lower hairline. Secure with kirby grips as you go. Decorating your finished look with real flowers transforms your style for that special occasion.

5 days 5 days packageLook Three: Another great look for a special summery occasion! Loose plaits are soft and super feminine, create more texture by putting plaits within your plaits!

Simply section hair from ear to ear across the top of the head and French plait the front section, pulling pieces gently so the plait is looser and not too tight to the scalp. Take one of your three plaiting pieces and plait a section of this right to the ends and then continue with the French plait. Repeat on the back section ensuring the two braids meet at the bottom behind the ear. Then plait the back length into the front.

Hair jewellery and accessories are BIG this Spring/Summer 16 - I used these decorative hair rings to add more excitement to this style.

5 days 5 days packageLook Four: The messy beehive is super chic, super easy and never goes out of style!

Section hair from ear to ear, below the crown and secure back section into a low pony on one side, then simply grab hair, gather and grip low onto one side.

For the front section, from the crown forward back comb the hair for volume and grip.

Gently smooth over so backcombing is hidden and secure lengths into messy low bun.

Ensure pieces are left out for undone softness and wear a centre parting for a real Bardot feel.

5 days 5 days packageLook Five: Boring pony tails are a thing of the past. Crimping is back with a bang and is a great way to add texture to your style. Here's how to pimp your pony..

Create sleek, shiny hair by drying smooth with a flat brush and then smooth hair with ghd Platinum stylers. Take a small section right on your desired parting and crimp from root to tip. Then secure the hair into a low pony at the nape of the neck hiding the hair band with a small piece of hair, wrapped around them gripped.

For extra texture crimp skinny pieces of hair through the pony as I did.

Posted on Wed, 22/06/2016 - 11:11