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New Year, New Make Up?

As a fresh year begins we often hear the phrase ‘Out with the old, in with the new!’

Well this can, and maybe should apply to our make-up bags.

New Year new makeup?

So how do we know the shelf life of an opened product?

Many people don’t realise that most cosmetic products have an expiry symbol known as a PAO (Period After Opening) date. The symbol includes the letter 'M' which stands for month and a number before the letter 'M' (which stands for the amount of months). I’m willing to bet that even those that do know this have ‘an old favourite’ that has been lurking in that bag for years! The picture here shows that – from being opened –this product should ideally be used within 6 months. My tip is to keep a mini Sharpie in your kit and scribble on the date when you open something. (This is also handy to discover how long that luxury moisturiser lasts.)

Everything you purchase that has the potential to harbour bacteria, lose optimum quality or spoil will have visible expiration information. The most obvious way to tell when skincare products are past their best is by their appearance and smell. Depending on ingredients, products can degrade and stop being effective and can also contain bacteria. Make up can become lumpy, have a strange scent or dry up. An out of date concealer can cause a break out rather than cover one up. Using make up brushes can reduce the chance of bacteria forming in products but it’s important to clean and dry your tools monthly. Most brands have a brush cleanser spray or solution in their range and are wise investment. Left unwashed, these can also harbour germs that you’re dusting over your skin. Now that you’ve got rid of some of those old, odd smelling products and potions you can hit the sales and replenish your stock! Happy shopping.

Posted on Wed, 14/12/2016 - 10:38