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Don't stop Wining

Jonathan Rogers of Vin Wine Merchants in Emsworth looks at wines to drink on a lazy afternoon in the garden.

With lockdown restrictions beginning to ease we can once again begin to think about some normality coming back especially getting together with friends. And with Spring and Summer approaching fast, our thoughts turn to garden parties, BBQ’s or simply just relaxing with a good book in the sun.

The best wines for afternoon sipping in the sun are light, fresh crisp whites, rose or even light fruity reds. Heavier wines will just wear you down especially if you are just snacking for lunch and finish you off for the rest of the day.

Bearing in mind alcohol levels have increased somewhat over the last 30 years or so, finding a wine which is lighter in alcohol is a somewhat difficult task. All those years ago most wines were a respectable 11%. Nowadays its not unusual to have a hefty 14% as the norm.

Most of these heavier wines are from warmer climates so its best to look at cooler climate areas, but unfortunately this is not a hard a fast rule. It is a question of seeking them out.

When you are choosing wine at any time of the year, always think about the style of wines you prefer. From the sharp crisp acidic wines to the softer, creamier styles, its handy to know your preference. The crisp fresh citrusy wines like Sauvignon Blanc are glorious in the sun. Refreshing, fruity and served chilled you cannot beat them. Wines with more tropical fruit like viognier are much more rounded and peachy fruit. They can be heavier but if you prefer less acidity then these can still be perfect on a warm sunny afternoon.

And do not forget chilling your reds. Lighter, fruitier reds are perfect chilled down and make a great alternative to the usual chilled whites. Pinot Noir’s are best for this. ….

Try these:

Aurele Viognier Pays D’Oc France £9.99
Lots of tropical fruit flavours, peach, pineapple and melon.

Laneway Vermentino Victoria Australia £12.99
A lovely rich, rounded fruit character, balanced acidity with a lingering finish.

Pacifico Sur Sauvignon Blanc Central Valleys Chile £7.99
Crisp and fresh with a mouth-watering citrus fruit character and zingy finish.

Undivided Pinot Noir Southern France £9.99
Soft cherry fruit, light and elegant and perfect slightly chilled.

Posted on Wed, 07/04/2021 - 12:31