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Dear Carl and Reece.
I've created a website to promote my business, but I'm not getting a lot of people viewing it. Could you help?

Thanks for sending us a link to your website, Martin. It looks great! The pages load quickly and each section is labelled correctly so it's easy to find what you're looking for. We would advise you to look at the keywords you are using and audit these on a regular basis. Take a look at your competitors' websites to see if there are any particular phrases that you could use.

Search engine algorithms crawl over websites looking for specific keywords every time someone types these into Google or Bing. The algorithm then generates a list of websites where these words are embedded.  If you were a landscape gardener based in Havant you'd want to include 'landscape gardener' and 'Havant' as your keywords. Choose longtail keywords and your website will appear in a wider set of search results. i.e. 'Havant award-winning landscape gardener'. Make sure you don't overuse your keywords as not only will these spoil the flow of your writing, Google will penalise you for them. This will result in your website appearing lower down the list of search results.

Use a keyword search tool such as UberSuggest, Moz or GoogleAds' Keyword Planner and you'll find keywords that are relevant to your sector. Neil Patel provides a range of excellent content which can help you further understand which keywords will work best for you but, in short, pick keywords that are as relevant as possible to your business and offering and be aware that highly competitive keywords are usually most valuable to rank for but take the longest to get to the top spot!

Reece Matthews and Carl Hewitt are the Co-Founders of Hewitt Matthews, a Hampshire digital marketing agency.

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