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A common problem with an easy fix that we often see is businesses assuming that web visitors already know exactly what the business does. Business owners fail to remember that these users see 100's, if not 1,000's of different businesses every day. This results in too many websites launching into a sales pitch, outlining the benefits of working with said company and explaining how established they are, without any context to what the company actually does!

Take our website for example. The first thing you see is 'Paid Media and Web Services Done Differently.'. Immediately, with some knowledge of our sector, you know what we do and that we have a unique approach to the work. Now, we could've opened our website with 'More Leads', 'Growing Your Business with Marketing' or a whole mirriad of other headlines, but what does that really tell you? Are we a telemarketing company, radio advertising specialists or do we put up billboards? Who knows!

Steve Krug wrote the famous user experience book 'Don't Make Me Think', which essentially proved that if your website's user experience is unclear and doesn't offer a path of low resistance, that you'll lose a huge amount of visitors and, therefore, business.

Keep it simple and approach your website as if someone has never seen your business before. Give some context, lay the foundations and then you can get into the benefits and hooks

Posted on Fri, 30/07/2021 - 09:25