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Saturday, 19th Jun 2021

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What do you do in a Tai Chi Chuan class?

First steps: We all start a journey with the first step.

Preparation: The beginning of anything new can be daunting – wearing loose comfortable clothing, arriving in time and not needing to rush off all help towards a relaxing and enjoyable learning experience.

The following sections give a brief explanation of class content, and the elements needed to appreciate a full understanding of the art of Tai Chi Chuan.

Loosening -Tai Chi Tsao
Starting with six loosening exercises increasing our body awareness, releasing tension and co-ordinating movements designed for balancing our torso and limbs. These exercises become the core of our later understanding of unity.

Breathing and Energy - Qigong

  • To harness the breath in stillness and movement.
  • Techniques to open and release the breath.
  • Postures to focus the movement of breath and energy of the body.

Form work - An important aspect of practice, most often seen and therefore well known.

Practising sequences to aid the imagination focus the mind and free the spirit. Builds short and long term memory, basic numerical function, balance, strength and stamina.

Partner Work - TuiShou - An essential element without such it would be difficult to fully appreciate the awareness of ourselves relative to others. It gives us the tools to really feel and see our tension - and learn to release it!

If you would like to know more, attend a class or have private tuition, contact Kevin Stanworth: / / 07728 228695

Posted on Wed, October 28 2015